charity shop volunteers

A few portraits from a commission last week for a London charity - the Octavia Foundation - that has its own chain of shops. These are some of the volunteers. Delightful people - nice gaffs, too

New camera, same parents

I'm not going to join the legions crowing about their Fuji x100t - well, maybe a little. 

Setting aside the quality of images it produces (classic chrome - hubba hubba!) and the gorgeous way it works - it's portable. I wanted to start just shooting again, day to day, place to place. And I have been doing just that. 

Here are two portraits of my parents, taken yesterday in their natural environment. 

Portrait of a tower block #1

Just been working on a series of portraits of residents of one of east London's tallest and most recognisable tower blocks, Winterton House.   

I'll post some of the pictures later. In the meantime here's one of the view from the 22nd floor - looking west towards the City...

Instant sunset

I took this picture of my friend Irene, an author and psychologist and all-round champ, for her website. We had agreed to meet at Leigh beach, which is a wee scrap of sand on the Thames Estuary, just in time for sunset. Only the sunset was obscured by a load of dark clouds, and anyway we were about an hour early because I had got my timings wrong (IT HAPPENS). 

So instead I shot the other way, towards the east; slapped a couple of CTO gels over my flash; stuck it in a softbox - and hey presto! Instant sunset.  

Before they were famous

While doing some mundane backing-up of old files, I came across some pictures I took of Tom Bell. This was a few years ago, and it was a freebie - he was going out with a friend of a friend. Anyway he pops up all over the place these days, and the pictures were good fun to do. So here  are a couple. 

Estuary artists II

Part of an ongoing series of portraits of local artists in their studios. It has been FASCINATING - such different people, approaches, workspaces. More to come.

Ellie Goulding, for Streets of London Concerts for Homelessness

Always a pleasure to shoot for this amazing charity. Shepherd's Bush Empire, Ellie Goulding and Friends (and by 'friends' I mean loads of other talented youngsters i had never heard of. I am THIS CLOSE to being called grandpa at one of these things). Streets of London's biggest event yet, a roaring success, great fun, with hopefully many more to come.