hard + soft light

Becoming a big fan of this look. A wee grid on a naked light - love the contrast and the sharp detail

A half-built beach hut

For Trawler, on Thorpe Bay Esplanade

David Orr

For an interview with the outgoing head of the National Housing Federation, David Orr, on the east London estate where he began his career as a chief executive.

I left a £1,000 lens lying around here somewhere. Expensive shoot. Been threatening to do something like that for years. I won’t be doing it again.

Streets of London

Gosh - a very late edit of pictures I took at the Royal Albert Hall in December for Streets of London, a homelessness charity founded and run by my friend Ian. Ellie Goulding here looking ace.


Quick shoot in a drab meeting room in Canary Wharf - luckily the light coming through the atrium next door was delicious (I've included one from the overhead 2-light set up here as well). This person really hated having her picture taken. So do most people, of course, but she was particularly averse. Solution? 10 minutes of soothing babble from me until she relaxed a little. Just a little, mind. 


Quick shoot for a legal magazine on the roof of the Courthouse Hotel in Shoreditch


I've been putting together a wee brutalist photo library for a client. Always had a soft spot for this style of architecture, much maligned but back in the world's good books these days (well some of it, anyway). These are of the Barbican and the National Theatre. Where else would you start??

Look ministerial, please

The reporter and I had been given 20 minutes - in total! - to interview and photograph the housing minister in his office. 

I had contacted his department days previously: is there anywhere I can set up some lights? Could I squeeze in an extra five minutes? No, and no. In the end, I had around 20 seconds at the end of the interview - so I sat him down in front of a window and started shooting. 

'Should I smile?' he asked, as his press secretary hovered nervously in the background. 'Could you look ministerial, please,' I replied. His face softened for a moment and we ended up with a half-decent picture. 

Down by the river

These people are residents of a converted warehouse in Rotherhithe, south London. Incredible place. Hopefully the start of a long-term project. 

Local musicians

These are the first few images from a project on local musicians and promoters. The music scene round here is fantastic - some really talented, enthusiastic and lovely people. 

More to come as and when i get more of these shoots done. 

A portrait of the artist

These were taken for a local magazine; this chap is a fantastic artist called Antony 'H' Haylock, and his site is here


keylight, fill, cramped room in Rosewood hotel, professor

Lawyer Up

Three set ups in a quick half-hour shoot near London Bridge yesterday

It's been a while..

..but I've been busier than a beaver plagued by visions of an impending apocalypse. Which, as a freelancer, is great. A few recent portraits here.

Band aid

A shoot with a local band who wanted photos of a rubbish party. This was FUN.

les vacances

Camping holiday, northern France. Pretty damp. 


The first few of a series of self portraits loosely based on what are (according to Wikipedia) the most common themes on recurring dreams


Just a few portraits taken with an x100t (classic chrome, natch) over the weekend. Light moments!